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Considering an Enclosed Cargo Trailer?

So you’ve finally decided to purchase an enclosed cargo trailer. Congratulations! Although not limited to the factors below, I’ve put together 5 considerations to keep in mind when deciding what is best for you.


will you be using it for? It goes without saying, this factor is the most important thing to consider.  It will determine the size of
the trailer and the options you need.  Perhaps you intend to take your vintage Corvette to distant antique car shows. Obviously, a 6x10 single axle would not suffice. Clearly, an 8.5x20 tandem axle car hauler would meet your needs.


How far will you be traveling? Another key factor to help you choose the most fitting trailer is how many miles you plan on logging on the road. Standard exterior options would be adequate if you owned a mobile car detailing service and only operated locally.However, the vintage Corvette owner would greatly benefit from purchasing upgrades that will enhance the safety of the trailer, such a mounted spare tire, stabilizers and tie-downs, LED tail lights, and a door hold back latch, just to name a few.


What type of cargo will you be hauling?The cargo you’re planning to haul will directly
influence the options you choose for the interior of your enclosed trailer. The Harley Davidson owner enhances his/her trailer by adding wheel chocks and D-rings. Someone carrying temperature sensitive cargo should control the environment by opting for vents and air conditioning. A handyman may want to have shelves and other storage options installed.


Will you use your trailer to advertise your business? A landscaping business increases their noticeability greatly if they customize the exterior with a logo and contact information.  A meals on wheels type business owner could opt for white and black checkered flooring, ATP backsplash, and vinyl walls, as well as extra windows to allow multiple ordering/paying


How much are you considering spending on your trailer?  The financial aspect of selecting a trailer is yet another crucial factor in your decision making. It’s ok to be frugal, but ensure you don’t buy a low quality product with less than adequate materials just to save a few dollars. When selecting a size, color, and other options and upgrades, use logic and reason, and if it fits the intended purpose of your potential purchase.

Again,by no means are these 5 considerations the only ones you’ll encounter, but theyare basic guidelines that will help you chose the optimal trailer for your
specific needs. If you have any questions or are ready to purchase an enclosedcargo trailer today, Matt and his awesome staff at Southern USATrailers are standing by for your inquiries. Best wishes with all your hauling needs!

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Enclosed Trailer Tire Safety

Surely, most of you have experienced a tire blowout. Perhaps your windshield was damaged by a semi’s rubber debris. Or maybe you’ve rescued a stranded senior from a flat. As a result, you know the costly and potentially dangerous ramifications of tire failure. For the purpose of preventing similar situations, I’ll share general enclosed trailer tire safety tips.

Designation Type

First, let’s get acquainted with the style of tires designated for trailers. Special Trailer Tires (ST) must always be used on trailer axle postions only. Their construction varies substantially from car tires, therefore it is crucial to choose the correct tire for towing. Whereas, their strong sidewall scheme allows for heavier loads, they have a limit at higher speeds. That is,the suggested speed rating is only 65mph. For these reasons, use ST tires on enclosed trailers to avoid…

Failure to Maintain

Contrary to consumer beliefs, inferior products are not the primary cause of trailer tire issues. In fact, aside from recalls, the main failures are all owner related. With this in mind, the leading causes of tire malfunction are below…

  • Overloaded Tires
  • Over Under Inflation
  • Improper Weight Distribution
  • Excessive Speed

Additionally, there are factors we can’t control. i.e. natural causes. Highway hazards such as potholes and rogue nails are among the most noted. An enclosed trailer tire lifespan is from 3 to 5 years, ordinarily. Even then, the tread may show little wear. So it’s important to realize oxidation of the rubber ages tires. That way, the tires get changed before disaster strikes.

Keep ’em Rollin

To be sure your tires keep rolling and to avoid accidents, follow these recomeendations and rules. the air pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended cold inflation pressure, in pounds per square inch (PSI) stated on the Tire Placard when the trailer is loaded to its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

In sum, are ons and recurrent monitoring prevents easily avoidable blowouts and other potential accidents. To Tread on the side of caution, you may want to consider purchasing a spare. In exchange for a few extra dollars, sense of security a backup provides makes its well worth the cost. Matt at Southern USA Trailers can Plug you in with one. Give him a call today at (888) 227-2565 Feel free to leave a comment below.

Which Axles, Axel?

Leaf Spring or Torsion Axles?

Commonly, enclosed cargo trailers are built with leaf spring or torsion axles. I have heard the question asked many times, "Are leaf springs or torsion axles better?" To help those pondering the same notion, I've broken down both the pros and cons of the two below.

Leaf Spring   


  • Affordibility
  • Can be Repaired
  • Even Tire Wear on Multi-Axle Configurations


  • Metal on Metal can be Noisy
  • Unsmooth Rides on Uneven/Bumpy Roads
  • Require More Maintenance



  • Straightforward Construction
  • Smooth Ride
  • Independent Wheel Suspension


  • Cannot be Repaired
  • Replacement is Not Cost Effective
  • Increased Tire Wear on Multi-Axle Configurations

Ultimately, choosing between leaf spring and torsion axles comes down to a personal preference. Remember, these are just a few points to consider when choosing which type of axle better suits your needs. For more information on either type, or any enclosed trailer question you may have, contact Matt at Southern USA Trailers.

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