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Which Axles, Axel?

axlecombine-2 Which Axles, Axel?

Leaf Spring or Torsion Axles?

Commonly, enclosed cargo trailers are built with leaf spring or torsion axles. I have heard the question asked many times, “Are leaf springs or torsion axles better?” To help those pondering the same notion, I’ve broken down both the pros and cons of the two below.

Leaf Spring   


  • Affordibility
  • Can be Repaired
  • Even Tire Wear on Multi-Axle Configurations


  • Metal on Metal can be Noisy
  • Unsmooth Rides on Uneven/Bumpy Roads
  • Require More Maintenance



  • Straightforward Construction
  • Smooth Ride
  • Independent Wheel Suspension


  • Cannot be Repaired
  • Replacement is Not Cost Effective
  • Increased Tire Wear on Multi-Axle Configurations

Ultimately, choosing between leaf spring and torsion axles comes down to a personal preference. Remember, these are just a few points to consider when choosing which type of axle better suits your needs. For more information on either type, or any enclosed trailer question you may have, contact Matt at Southern USA Trailers.