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South Carolina Cargo Trailers

Enclosed Trailers for Sale in South Carolina


Southern USA Trailers provides South Carolina enclosed cargo trailers at factory direct pricing. If you are located in South Carolina, purchasing from Southern USA Trailers could possibly save you thousands of dollars. We also provide the same and efficient services in North Carolina Cargo Trailers. Our factories are located in Douglas, GA if you want to make the drive to pick up a trailer give us a call at (888) 227-2565. Even though we keep a huge trailer inventory give us a call before you make the drive. Custom trailer builds are 10 days.

High-quality trailers for sale in SC that are multipurpose and available immediately. Also available are new South Carolina enclosed cargo trailers for sale as well as Diamond Cargo Trailers. The demand for these units is rather high and we wish to cater the best products to our customers who are looking to purchase enclosed trailers in Charleston SC. USA Cargo Trailers made of highly durable and long lasting materials are available for purchase at the best prices. These are delivered to you on time with no damage even on the used trailers.

Southern USA Trailers offers same day delivery to anywhere in the state of South Carolina. We have drivers on standby. You can figure delivery by going to maps and putting Douglas, Ga zip code of 31535 and your zip code. You multiply the miles by $1.35.

We are constantly delivering to these cities:

Hilton Head
North Charleston
Charleston Trailer
Mount Pleasant
Rock Hill

Southern USA Trailers has an unmatched sales team, all with at least 5 years experience in trailer sales. We only sell quality trailers but at Southern USA Trailers “WE FLAT SELL’EM FOR LESS!” Don’t pay to much for a cargo trailer. When you do the math enclosed trailers are just cheaper when you buy from us.¬†Visit our Huge Inventory to select from many choices of cargo trailers.

If you are looking for top-notch customer service look no further. Save time and money. Call the experts (888) 227-2565. We will first find out what kind of enclosed trailer you are needing then we will email you an estimate to look over. Once everything on the trailer estimate looks good we can go ahead and get the build started with a 10% deposit on most cargo trailers. We need 50% up front on concession trailers.