Shipping Enclosed Cargo Trailers to Customers In the USA

8.5x20 Enclosed Trailer

Southern USA Trailers also offers delivery. For a rough estimate of shipping cost, use the zip code of Douglas, Georgia, (31535) and your ZIP code to find the mileage between the two locations. Multiply the miles by $1.50 for the 8.5-wide trailer and $1.40 per loaded mile for 6- and 7-wide enclosed cargo trailers.

If you purchase a load of 2 or more adding up to 48-ft, figure $2.50 per loaded mile pulled on a wedge trailer by a transport company. You can always use your own trailer shipper as well.


South Carolina

North Carolina





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Purchasing enclosed trailers might be a little more confusing, maybe more confusing than… Let’s just say let Southern USA Trailers sales team guide you through all of your options and our sales team may be the most thorough. All Concession Trailers will need a sketch and customers please try to have a good understanding of your county, district, or perish’s health codes.

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