How to Put Together a Concession Trailer

This blog will give you the basic concepts of putting together a profitable mobile business.

20190717_170145 How to Put Together a Concession Trailer
8.5×20 Concession Trailer

What Kind of Business are You Planning to Operate From the Trailer?

From serving Food to a Styling Hair, Southern USA Trailers has the experience to make your vision a reality. Making sure the trailer size and the build of the frame is crucial in the creation of your business.

20180917_084123 How to Put Together a Concession Trailer
Mobile Salon

Concession and Specialty Trailers Commonly Asked Questions with Answers.

When putting together a mobile business there are guidelines and laws you must obey.

  • When Adding the Water Package the Frame Must Be 8 Inches
  • Always check your local county’s health codes.
  • Plumbing is a big deal.
  • Make sure there is enough room for all employees.
  • If you are installing sinks, cabinets are a must.
  • Make sure the interior height is sufficient for the hood.
  • The extended tongue is important because of turn radius and generator box.
  • Put GFI’s around plumbing and sinks.

When building a specialty trailer make sure you sketch out the floor plan to make sure everything will work.

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