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Florida Cargo Trailers

Southern USA Trailers offers factory direct enclosed trailers to the great state of Florida. If you are located in Florida, purchasing from Southern USA Trailers could possibly save you thousands of dollars. Our factories are located in Douglas, GA. If you want to make the drive to pickup a trailer give us a call at (888) 227-2565. Even though we keep a huge trailer inventory give us a call before you make the drive. Custom trailer builds are 10 days.

High Quality Enclosed trailers for sale in Florida at the best prices brought to your exclusively this month at exclusive discounts. Buy your enclosed cargo trailers today that are each designed to carry heavy loads and of superior quality construction. The materials used in the manufacture of these enclosed trailers are incredibly durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Transportation and storage take a revolutionary turn with our excellently priced enclosed trailers for sale available to be delivered to your business location or residence in Florida- the best business investment that you will need today to last you long.

Southern USA Trailers offers same day delivery to anywhere in the state of Florida. We have drivers on stand by. You can figure delivery by going to maps and putting Douglas, Ga zip code of 31535 and your zip code. You multiply the miles by $1.35.

We are constantly delivering to these cities:

Panama City
Gainesville, etc.
8.5x42 Enclosed Gooseneck Trailer

Southern USA Trailers has an unmatched sales team, all with at least 5 years experience in trailer sales. We only sell quality trailers but at Southern USA Trailers “WE FLAT SELL’EM FOR LESS”. Any Queries? Our Experienced staff will be happy to solve. Contact Us here.