Don’t Get the Shaft: Choose Dexter Axles

Founded in 1960, Dexter has provided premium axles and brakes to the trailer industry for over 50 years. Like Southern USA Trailers, Dexter is An American Made company which takes pride in “superior quality, continuous improvement, and unparalleled customer service.”

Screenshot-2019-07-20-at-5.13.40-PM Don’t Get the Shaft: Choose Dexter Axles
5-Year Warranty

Among the many products Dexter offers are Sprung and Torsion Axles. Previously, we discussed the differences between the two. Visit for even more elaborate data.

Sprung (Leaf Spring)

Dexter supplies straight and drop spindles for loads up to 8k lbs. and below, while straight spindles are the industry standard for products above 9k lbs.. . Sprung axles are available in double eye and slipper spring varieties,and can be mounted either over or under slung.

Dexter offers Leaf Spring axles in light, medium, and heavy duty.

-Light Duty

2,300 – 4,000 lb capacity                         

4,100 – 6,000 lb capacity

5,500 – 7,000 lb capacity

7,200 lb capacity

8,000 lb capacity

-Medium Duty

9,000 – 15,000 lb capacity

-Heavy Duty

22,500 – 27,500 lb capacity


The Torflex suspension system, unique only to Dexter axles, is a torsion arm-suspension that is operational solely within the tube. Further explanation on the mechanism can be found here.

Without high quality parts, we can’t stand behind the trailers we provide. With over a century’s track record, and a guaranteed warranty, Southern USA Trailers does not hesitate in endorsing Dexter Axles!

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