Cracked Welds on Trailer Wheels

Steel Wheels Can Be Cracked Causing Loss of Tire Pressure, or worse, Blowouts.

I answered a call from a customer needing warranty info. Not exactly what I wanted hear first thing in the morning, but as salesman we stand by our products and want our customers using the best products.

IMG950370-225x300 Cracked Welds on Trailer Wheels

He proceeded to tell me his wheels cracked!?

Have you ever heard of steel wheels cracking?

Definitely a first! The welds, as the steel bullet hole style wheel is two pieces welded together on the inside, had cracked and a tire shop confirmed his wheel was leaking air from a bad weld. After replacing the rims and keeping his radial tires (Only 4000 miles of use) one of the tires blew out. Tires blow out at times, that’s life, but I’m curious as to if or how much the defective wheel contributed to the blow out. (I will update accordingly.) Luckily no one was hurt nor was there any damage to his trailer.

So now, when it’s time to check the lug nuts are tight, go ahead and check inside the rim for air leaks. Also check tire pressure before each trip and if losing pressure, DO NOT TOW*. You should remove the wheel and have a certified tire tech inspect it. Make sure the inside of the wheel is not overlooked. If there are any issues call your dealer (who is your connection to the manufacturer) to obtain the proper steps to follow to get the warranty issue resolved.
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Steel Trailer Wheels Crack Never Rule Out When Losing Tire Pressure

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