Trailers Just Being Used for Hauling and Towing Purposes is a Thing of The Past

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When most people think of a trailer they think of the open lawn mower trailer, semi-trailer, gooseneck trailer, travel trailer, landscape trailer, car trailer, or any other type of trailer to haul equipment or goods from place to place. With the advances in technology, trailers have begun to take on new roles in society. With the idea of the Tiny Home design an enclosed trailer into a residence that can accommodate a couple comfortably. Tailgate trailers have everything from a full bathroom, awning, cabinets, AC, closets, counters, power, along with more features.

8.5x20 Diamond Cargo Trailer Factory Direct Pickup

Southern USA Trailers is Your Source for Enclosed Trailers

Trailers have a multitude of uses, to say the least. Giving a single vehicle the ability to tow or transport more than 5 times the goods or materials on a single trip. With so many trailer types it can be hard to pinpoint which type of trailer is needed for a certain task.

 What is a proper description of a trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. With so many variations of trailers, they have adapted with the growing population and most importantly the transport of goods and materials needed to fill grocery stores, transport goods, school band and sports gear, furniture, and anything else that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Over 100 Years Ago’s Definition of a Trailer:

Horse and Buggy Trailer
The Evolution of What Each Individual Perceives of an Enclosed Trailer These Days Recommends That Trailers Have Actually Adapted with Time and Just Like Everything Else; Cars, Planes, Motorcycles, Boats, and Equipment. With Technology Comes Complication and Different Types of Trailers tor Different Jobs, bigger toys, nicer cars, motorcycles, work, play, and even tiny homes.

Southern USA Trailers, has the ability to supply the Eastern USA enclosed trailers from our South Georgia Cargo Trailer Factory located in Douglas, GA.

Enclosed Car Hauler

Diamond Cargo 8.5×24 TA3 Enclosed Trailer

  • 16″ O.C. Cross Members, 16″ O.C. Side Walls, 24″ O.C. Roof Members, 36″ RV Style Door w/ Flush Lock, (2) 3500lb Spring Axles, Marine Base Undercoating, 2K A-Frame Tongue Jack, 78″ Interior Height, 6″ Tubular Mainframe, 3/4″ Plywood Floor, 3/8″ Plywood Walls, Aluminum Fenders, V-Nose w/ ATP Stone Guard, Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist, Galvalume Roof, .024 Exterior Aluminum, Semi Screwless Exterior, Thermacool Ceiling Liner, 11 Gauge American Tube Steel, 12 Volt Dome Light, Radial Tires on 5 Lug Silver Mod Wheels, Electric Brakes on Both Axles, 2 and 5/16″ Coupler, (4) Floor Mount D-Rings, Temporary Tag, 5-Year Warranty and More…

Spring Away! Enclosed Trailer Special, Haul, Yes!

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8.5x26 Tailgate Enclosed Cargo Trailer

The Grass is Growing, Sun is Shining, and Its that Time of Year, SPRING. Between the mowers, motorcycles, toys, and concession stand trailers that are needed to serve the purpose of prolonging the life of valuable tools, equipment, toys, etc.

Before we have fun or make money lets talk about something almost every homeowner in America needs, which is a lawnmower. Because of this Southern USA Trailers makes owning a 6×12 Single Axle Enclosed Trailer Only, $2125.

New Diamond Cargo Electric Blue 6x12 Single Axle
Electric Blue 6×12 Single

Time of year to get our gear out for Summer and have a little fun. Needing a place to keep your “STUFF” in during the Winter. Since some of our “STUFF” can be costly and occasionally to haul motorcycles or ATVs around to different venues. 7×14 TA and 7×16 TA Enclosed trailers are perfect for your toys, tools, or both.

Diamond Cargo Enclosed Trailers
Motorcycle Trailer

With the outdoors comes camping and Southern USA Trailers offers Tailgate Trailers. These mini RVs are perfect for going on a weekend trip to the middle of nowhere with you and your stuff. With the help of the full bathroom package available with hot water, shower, sink, and a toilet. We are able to set up a basic RV Trailer.

Enclosed Trailer Finished Interior
Perfect for Camping.

Add $50 to Upgrade from Tandem 5200 Spring Axles to 5200lb Torsion Axles.

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Carnivals and Events from BBQ Trailers to Dog Grooming Trailers Southern USA Trailers is your one stop shop for all your enclosed trailer needs.

Concession Door and Window
Concession Trailers