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Trying to decide which enclosed trailer is better than the other. Especially when comparing enclosed trailers manufactured in Georgia. Southern USA Trailers is actually a dealer who represents Diamond Cargo MFG. Which who cannot sell to the public.

When Purchasing or In The Market to Buy An Enclosed Trailer; What do we look for with all these negative reviews.

#1) Since All Georgia Cargo Trailers are built the same what do you look for if we are over 300 miles away.

Answer) WARRANTY is the most important. Get a legitamate warranty brochure from the actual trailer manufacturer. Make sure the warranty is at least 5 years then check the factory’s reviews and even the dealers that represent the said enclosed trailer manufacturer. If the dealers are getting bad reviews that is a sign to steer clear.

#2) Do a little research on an investment of this magnitude. How long has this manufacturer been in business? This isn’t as consistent as you would think. There are a couple newer factory’s building descent enclosed trailers. In Diamond Cargo’s Instance, 15 Years in the industry. Diamond is tried and tested and has adapted when needed. Which comes back to the warranty.

Answer) The actual lifespan of an enclosed trailer factory in Georgia other than Diamond Cargo and Cargo Craft is around 5 years. “COINCIDENCE?”


Being a factory direct distributor of Diamond Cargo Trailers, we have the ability to save customers all over the country. Giving the best deals on new enclosed trailers. Competing with enclosed trailer dealers around the USA with our factory direct discounted enclosed cargo trailers. Financing and delivery services are available.

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Showing 1–8 of 41 results