7x16 Enclosed Trailer for Sale

When Coming to Pick Up Your New Enclosed Trailer from Diamond Cargo, Ask Yourself These Simple Questions.

Make Sure You Have The Right Size Ball.

  • Smaller single axle trailers require a 2″ Ball
  • Trailers Larger than a 6×14 Single Axle gets a 2 and 5/16″ Ball.
  • For Trailer to Be Level 18″ from Ground to Top of the Ball is Optimal

Bring a Lug Wrench and Jack for Emergency

  • Bring a Lug Wrench to Make Sure Lugs Are Tight
  • Spare Tire Might be a Good Idea!!
  • If You Have a Blowout You will be Prepared

Check Your Vehicle for Blown Fuses.

Customers are surprised when their brand new truck has a  blown fuse. Most of the time when this problem does occur it  is with a newer year model


Always Make It Clear to Your Sales Person as to What Type of Plug Your Vehicle Has to Make Sure You Have Trailer Lights  on the Way Back Home.

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Marketing and Sales for Southern USA Trailers. Proud husband and father. Very blessed.

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