8.5x28 Enclosed Cargo Trailers for Sale

Southern USA Trailers saves customers money on new enclosed cargo trailers, enclosed utility trailers, enclosed car trailers, enclosed motorcycle trailers, concession trailers, and much more. Because Diamond Cargo MFG’s consistency and craftsmanship for over 15 years is a known fact in the enclosed trailer industry. Purchasing Factory Direct Enclosed Cargo Trailers will save customers a great deal even with delivery to your doorstep. Call anytime (888) 227-2565 and ask about Financing & Delivery Options.

Southern USA Trailer’s success is relying on our customers to do our best advertising by word of mouth. The best business is a simple business. And it doesn’t get any easier than looking online and choosing from a variety of covered trailers for sale that are actually in stock.

Factory Direct Enclosed Trailers for Sale From Only The Best Local Manufacturers

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  • Straight Yes or No Answers; WHITE IS WHITE AND BLACK IS BLACK
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Diamond Cargo Trailers Manufacturing Facility

Factory Direct Pickup Address: 91 Harvey Vickers Rd. Douglas, GA 31535

Save money on you while getting the service and craftsmanship from the relevant manufacturers around. Give us a call and we will at least point you in the right direction. We are in the industry because we find people like yourself a trailer quickly we will put in the work and 75% of the time we at least find something. Most of the time we will find you something will work because of our unique network.


Diamond Cargo 6×12 Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailers
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