60″ Extended Tongue |Must Have for U-haul and RV’s

60" Extended Tongue

More Importantly than the exterior metal, trim, or even the wheels; the extended tongue literally makes or either kills many deals. If a vehicle can’t make a right turn that becomes a major issue.


Customers that come south for the summer usually head back north with brand new cargo trailer that only costed $4000.00 in South GA. The brilliance in the trip to the beach is that this trip will be funded because a couple did their research and basically get a condo for the weekend for just a few short hours of their time for the 4 hour detour on the slowest drivers.

The Dreaded Scenic Route into the Carolina’s will Keep Even the most polished drivers are kept very alert because of the twists and turns of Middle Georgia’s Farmland.

The same trailer purchased for 4k will be sold for 6k. When researching enclosed trailer on the same trailer after you drive 400 miles from the National Hub for Enclosed Utility, Cargo, Motorcycle, Car, and So Much More.


I’m saddened as I witness the couple suffer such a set back when they should be enjoying their ‘Golden Years’ they’ve worked so hard for and as I surfed the web later that evening I seemed to have stumbled across a remedy, a nugget of sage advice for our ‘Golden Couple’ if you will…..

Adding 12” of tongue length allows enough space to complete sharp turns without busting the R.V.’s taillights and the trailers front corners.

20171117_143507-300x225 60" Extended Tongue |Must Have for U-haul and RV's

Drive 100 Yards, After Just being Reminded about the ladder on the rear offset to right. And a Right Turn Taken Out of Diamond and he was already on the way back.

Yes, #20 ‘Laugh! LAUGH A Lot!’ (simmer down LIT teachers, not my ‘A LOT’) which inspired my suggestions below…..
Damn the ??? and the taillights! Insure your ‘Golden Years’ and peace of mind with AAA, AARP or other supplements. If not call upon your kids to drop everything and help, they owe you anyway! Don’t follow rule #20 and LAUGH! EVERYONE ELSE PURCHASE OR LOBBY FOR THE EXTENDED TONGUE!

FB_IMG_1521159915589 60" Extended Tongue |Must Have for U-haul and RV's
Happy 4th from Southern USA Trailers

***Disclaimer: A 60” Extended Tongue along with A flat front model works well for concession trailers as the V-Nose is often redundant and the newly available space is perfect for a platform to mount a generator box or L.P. tanks. Sway bars are also easily installed. However, we have been using a 72″ tongue is now an option; Allowing enough space for the V-Nose and generator platform.

Safe Travels,
Trailer Guru

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